Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rider Airlifted From Laguna Wilderness

My regards to the friends and family of this man.  He suffered a cardiac arrest while riding up Bommer Rd. near the back of El Morro Canyon.  I was riding with  Josh, and we came upon the scene.  It was sad and tragic, even though thoughtful and determined individuals tried to administer CPR, the man, a fellow mountain biker, passed away (I found this out later, although I watched as his caregivers were unable to get a pulse for nearly an hour).  The photo above, credited to Josh Wolff, shows the man being hoisted into the helicopter before a quick flight to Hoag.  It is easy  to say he died doing what he loved, but it that a true sentiment?  Or is it just a convenient way for the survivors and the witnesses to understand a tragedy.  I can't imagine I would go out riding if it meant I would die, even if it would only be one day before my eventual termination.  I'm not trying to be morbid or disrespectful.  A friend, someone I truly admired, died while road riding last fall.  This type of news is always difficult to accept - nothing is more horrific, final, and shocking than having a friend or relative die, so, of course, the inclination is to search for easy answers. 

This man, I know, was 67 years-old.  I hope he had a brilliant and fulfilling life.  I love this image of him being lifted into the blue sky.  Whatever your personal beliefs, there is something majestic about being lifted into the sky after your final breaths.  I watched both my parents die while confined to white-sheeted beds.  I wish everyone could be granted one final ride into the sunset.  Condolences to everyone who knew the man.  We should all try to stay alive, make the choices that promote our own health and well-being, and live each moment, each day, each opportunity, and, forgive me, ride each mountain-bike ride, as if it were the only one we had.



Zumi said...

I feel sorry for what happen. I think before taking in this kind of sport they have first to consider their health capabilities. Hope it will not happen again.

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David Womack said...

Perhaps you are correct. But it is difficult to let go of hobbies, even as one's health declines a bit. It's a personal choice, the one he wanted to make.

David Womack said...

Thanks for your comment